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Experience the most powerful swell forecasting and modeling in the world while not loosing the simplicity you have come to expect with Swellwatch. Use the chart below to see if PRIMO is right for you or if you want to coast along on a free plan.




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Always Free
30-day Free Trial checked    
High Resolution 3D Nearshore Modeling (?) checked checked checked
Surf Forecasts (?) checked checked checked
Streaming Camera Network (?) checked    
International Travel Guides (?) checked checked  
Surf Log & Swell Characteristics (?) checked checked  
Cost Per Month $4/Month
Always Free
Always Free
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Can I upgrade from FREE to PRIMO
You can upgrade from FREE to PRIMO at any time. If you think you might need PRIMO you might as well sign up and get your first month free. Swellwatch will not charge you card until your free trial has expired. Down grade to Free at anytime.